Cecil's Updates

Cecil's Cross Border Advice

Over the last few weeks I've been cruising the Southwest, and happy to be away from he cold and snow that attacked the Northwest. As you might expect, I've nearly burned out my mouth tasting a wide variety of peppers and pepper-prepared dishes that seem to show up at every turn in the road out here. I'm no longer sure where the border is between the US and Mexico, but I can tell you that I'm thankful there's no legislation on the transport of food culture across the border.

Cecil's Mile High

Hello All; Yes, I've been absent for a few weeks. But I'm back on the road again after a painfully long adventure into an implementation, subsequent removal, and finally a successful deployment. But first, the important issues...

Cecil's Heartbreak

As I write this I'm pulled off the side of a road somewhere in North Central Texas. My heart is broken but I'm looking forward to my next destination which is where I'll be (and hopefully you'll be as well) by the time you read this.

Cecil's Unveiling

I think that I was even more thrilled than Scott was when I showed up at the UConnect Conference in Orlando last week. According to him, it was the first time I'd kept a promise to show up... at least on time.


Cecil's PO

I read Marlow's first column last week, and I have to say that I'm impressed.  I've been in the EDI world for a while, but he brought out a couple items I hadn't (yet) thought to complain about.

Cecil's Getting Work

Over the last couple weeks I've traveled from Maine to the Carolinas. Needless to say I've stopped at a few restaurants along the way. During my breakfast stops, the scene is always the same... people reading the newspaper.

Cecil's Offline

I live in an online world anymore. That is... whenever I'm in a place where I can get a connection. Luckily some of my favorite (as well as some of my least favorite) restaurants offer WiFi service. And even when WiFi isn't available, I have my trusty cell phone that I can either use directly as a web browser/email client, or connect it to my laptop as a modem.

Cecil's Splits

Last week I was in Charleston, SC visiting a client. While I was there I was able to meet up with my newfound buddy, Marlow Atticus for dinner.  We had a great meal sitting outside on the upper deck of Shem Creek Grill along Shem Creek, in Mount Pleasant, SC., watching the fishing boats and the dolphins crusing up and down the river. 

Cecil’s Addition/Subtraction

Last week I was in the New York area, and for part of the week I was in New York City with a client. For me, New York City is both a fantasy land and a place of terror. What I love about the place is the never ending availability of eating places… and not just restaurants, but everything from low-rent hole in the walls to the most outrageous (and outrageously priced) food experiences. My terror arises from having to decide which places to try, and which to leave for another time. But come to think of it, that’s not really all that terrorizing. It just gives me a reason to schedule another trip.

Cecil's Good News

In this time of holiday spirit, gift giving, and general good will, I have a heart-warming story to share. OK, it's not quite "It's a Wonderful Life," but the characters are nearly as surprising as those in the movie.

Cecil's Updates

Cecil T. Wulfe is a long time supply chain industry fixture. He has consulted (and insulted) many companies on how to best use their resources to get the most of their supply chain infrastructure. Cecil pulls no punches in calling out those companies that misuse their authority and their data.

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