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EDI Workers Over Age 50 and Biases

working over 50Why does their tend to be a bias against hiring older workers? Does this bias come from the hiring companies or the agencies? We interviewed Pat Gerace a Global Talent Acquisition Director who has worked for both placement agencies and in large multi-national companies.

Perpetual Connectivity, More SKUs and Better Tech Could Bring Higher Sales

TechnologySpeedThe speed of technological change within the retail industry is expected to accelerate (no surprise there), but the rate of that change – and its import – is noteworthy. In a new study from research and consulting firms PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and Kantar Retail, “Retailing 2020: Winning in a PolarizedWorld,” the researchers  point to the Internet and digital communications as already driving rapid change in the industry in the last two decades, and they expect that change to become even faster and revolve around three core business needs: Big Data, the ability to better understand product movement and perpertual connectivity via the Internet, smart devices and social media.

Automate to Reduce Your Supply Chain Costs

EDIThe supply chain is a huge component of most businesses, and therefore a prime target for cost reduction efforts. There are lots of ways to reduce costs, from beating suppliers over the head for price concessions to engaging 3PLs to handle fulfillment processes. Because the supply chain is so broad and has so many components, the possibilities are endless.

Is the Battle Over?

thumb edixmlSo, I was sitting around thinking about what’s going on with that EDI vs. XML topic. I’ve been out of the trenches for about 3 years now, it’s raining outside and I can’t work on my golf game, so why not? I Googled it and…..nothing interesting popped up, unless you consider cloud solutions and consultant adverts interesting. I must’ve missed something- who won?

Embrace Your Problems

thumb cubesmallThose of you in the EDI (or Data Transformation, Partner Integration, or whatever you want to call it) arena know what I mean when I say you’re in the middle of things. You have ‘customers’ both upstream and downstream, and those people are very demanding. When something goes wrong, you hear about it. Nothing good can result from that, right? Wrong!

Supply Chain Control Towers

ControlTowerA new term is appearing in the supply chain arena: "Supply Chain Control Tower". Just as an airport control tower coordinates airplanes landing and taking off, a Supply Chain Control Tower coordinates inbound and outbound distribution flows. Sure sounds more professional than a "dashboard".

Why should retailers share information with their suppliers?

sharing retailI get that retailers may be cagey about sharing proprietary data with their suppliers, who, in turn, may share it with the competition, but it seems the benefits outweigh the negatives. The idea is that sharing Point of Sale (POS) data helps them help you.

Am I doing EDI correctly?

correct processHaving worked in the EDI field for more than 20 years, and specifically as a consultant for nearly 10 years, this is an unasked question at many of the places I've contracted and, as so many other questions in business, the answer is a resounding “maybe”.  Many executives believe that they're doing EDI simply because they have an EDI tool in their IT department and they're exchanging data with some of their customers/suppliers.  Ofttimes their customers/suppliers do not agree... this is often, but not always, because the data being exchanged is not in the "standard" format.

How Sustainable are My Suppliers?

thumb green-recycling-iconI’ve become increasingly interested in supply chain sustainability over the past few months. There’s plenty of activity in that arena and it’s not likely to calm down soon. Sustainability is both good for the environment and great for business, and that’s a powerful combination.

3PL Services Market Grows, But Needs More Innovation

innovationMore companies are relying on third-party logistics (3PL) services, according to this year’s 17th Annual Third Party Logistics Study. More than 2,300 industry executives participated in the survey, including users and nonusers of 3PL services as well as 3PL providers.

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