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The New Diet Fad

new-years-resolutionsWelcome to 2013!  A new year upon us, a new year for resolutions to take heed.  Exercise more, give up a vice, be kinder to others, and oh……the dreaded “I’m going on a diet” resolution.  Gives you goose bumps in an uncomfortable way, doesn’t it? 


What’s in it for the Supplier?

supplier shareIn order for suppliers to be of value to their retailers, they must figure out how to manage customer relationships. Many suppliers have copped a victim mentality over the years and it comes as little surprise that retailers don’t want to deal with that attitude any longer. With products ranging in the hundreds or hundreds of thousands, retailers have come to expect more value add from their suppliers. They need to know which products are performing, underperforming -- or are so hot they can’t stock them fast enough.

Supply Chain Management Trends

Reverse-the-trendEveryone is suggesting what the trends in Supply Chain Management (SCM) are for 2013. Most of the writers agree on a “core” of important trends (sort of like the  “motherhood and apple pie” thing. Then there are even some new ones that pop up too. I am going to bring out as many as I find. Where they are not as common, I will provide a link to more information. Read on and tell me if you agree or disagree.

Are You Staring Into a Crystal Ball? For POS Suppliers 101

POS dataSome months ago I started reading articles specifically pertaining to Retailer/Supplier relationships.  I had a span of articles dating as far back as the early 2000s.  Though starting on my Supply Chain journey prior to the year 2000, the articles reopened my eyes as to how Retailer/Supplier relationships differ today.

Robots are Driving 3PL Automation

robot drivingI’ve covered supply chain and third-party logistics (3PL) automation technologies for years. There’s been a variety of “cool” solutions, many of them featuring robots, RFID, sensors and the like. But many of these solutions labor in the shadows of mainstream logistics operations, and some aren’t even that lucky. RFID – arguably thanks to the Wal-Mart mandate in the early 2000s – has perhaps made the most inroads. But there’s another automated logistics solution that’s getting some attention, and it comes in the form of little orange bots.

Certifications for EDI Professionals

IT-CertificationAnyone involved in the EDI industry has probably questioned what certification is available. How do we know the qualifications of a potential hire? Recruiters are used to  “black and white” qualifications that make their role easier. Every once in a while this topic surfaces in discussions on, for example, LinkedIn. Let's elaborate on what we mean by EDI certification and why there is no “black and “white” answer.

Is AGILE the Buzz Word for 2013?

Agile-MarketingEvery year seems to have "buzzwords".  Starting out a new year, I am predicting the buzzword for 2013 in the Supply Chain world will be "AGILE". The only serious challenger is "LEAN".

Top ec-bp Articles of 2012

thumb top-ten-stories-300x250The writers and bloggers put in tons of effort this year to produce a wide range of articles on topics we felt were relevant to our readers. We covered a lot of ground. Since this is the time of year you generally see a lot of ‘Best of’ and ‘Most Popular’ stories about the year’s movies, books, plays, music, and so on, we thought we’d get on the bandwagon and produce a ‘Most Popular EC-BP Articles & Blogs of 2012”.

'tis the Season... For Predictions!

In the roughly 10 months I’ve helped my buddy Buzz out with his daily ‘Supply Chain Buzz’ for the site, I figure I’ve read close to 1000 stories, blogs, and articles on supply chain, ERP, ecommerce, and general management topics. Since this is the time of year that the ‘Big News of 2012’ and ‘Predictions for 2013’ stories abound, I thought I’d put together my own list with a little different spin. It’s more along the lines of ‘Biggest Topics With Staying Power That Have and Will Continue to Affect Supply Chains ‘. Here we go……

Now's The Time

reviewIt’s that time of year. No, not to buy gifts for your favorite EC-BP.COM writers (although if you insist, blue sweater, XXL), but to set yourself up for a great finish. Remember those goals and objectives you signed up for back in the early part of the year? Well, you’re running out of runway to make progress on them. Let’s get to work!

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