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Is POS data that valuable or is there something better?

posscanThere’s been quite a bit of talk about trading partners providing Point of Sale information with their suppliers. So what is POS and why is it important? There are there are several ways that POS data is used -

Preparing for your new EDI Implementation

preparationWell, we’re at the end of the first quarter of 2011. The economy is looking better. You’ve got your 2011 projects underway. For many of you, you read a few of my articles in the last 4 -5 months and have decided that one of the projects would be add more suppliers to your Electronic Trading program, add another transaction to your library of EDI documents. Or maybe you’ve committed to management that you’ll support a new method of orders or distribution, such as Factory Direct or Cross Dock. Now you’ve realized “how am I going to get this done?”


Is Supplier Portal really Electronic Trading

portalMore and more, I’m hearing about Retailers or other buying organizations that either have, are in the process of implementing, or are looking at investing in a supplier portal service for electronic trading. Certainly there may be some need for something like this, however I would caution those organizations to truly look at the value that you as the Retailer or Sponsor of this technology are gaining with this investment. I’ve addressed this topic a few times in the past but wanted to make sure that those companies going down this path are making an informed decision. Below are reasons for thinking about Supplier portal –

ASN - The Most Valuable EDI Document

asnDebate continues about whether the ASN is of enough value that it deserves being supported. In my findings, the ASN is probably the single most important document in the supply chain process. ROI for the ASN is estimated from $5 when used for simple confirmation purposes to as much as $50 when used for visibility and automated receiving. All EDI transactions have their individual ROI, however most do not have the scope of impact on multiple departments that the ASN has. Below are typical values -


Ecommerce and EDI - Expanded

cartI want to use this article to expanded further on my article in November and December regarding Ecommerce (Vendor Direct to Consumer) by exploring two areas that are inherent to Direct/Drop ship and that’s manage Changes and Returns.

Supply Chain Automation Advocate or Foe

2010 is now behind us; many had a good holiday season while others, no so much. Regardless, it’s a new calendar year and time to start working on those 2011 projects. For some of you these projects will include the items that I’ve written on over the last 12 months such as –

Ecommerce and EDI

e-commerceAs the end of the year has been approaching I see a definite interest in E-commerce activity within the retail sector as an initiative for 2011. Some, has to do with retailers continuing to support E-commerce via their Distribution Centers while others are looking at working with Factory direct shipments to the .com consumer.

Supporting Personalized and Customized Products

Callaway-Ft-i-Draw-DriverLast January you may have read my article regarding retailers that were traditionally distributing merchandise via Brick and mortar but are now looking at a Vendor Direct model to supply their customers. Many of these retailers appear to have realized the value of what I wrote and as such I have seen higher growth in the number of retailers having customer orders ship directly from suppliers/factories. The value to the retailer is that this allows the retailer to maintain or increase sales without the investment in maintaining inventory levels.

Marlow's Strategic Recommendations for 2011

2011strategyIf you're like many companies your year end is also the end of the calendar year. With the approaching new year comes new budgets and new Goals and Objectives. For some retailers, we'll start to see new store openings increase, but for most you'll continue to look within your organizations to continue to shrink the cost of operations, and that will likely include changes or continued expansion of Supply Chain initiatives and Electronic Trading. As you plan your Strategy for 2011 you may want to consider some of the things that I've been writing on over the last year. To refresh your memory below are considerations I'd expect you'd "noodle" over the following:

Is XML EDI? Does the Music Industry Really Know What They Are Doing?

edixmlOver the years you have read articles from me on knowing the data type that your trading partners are supporting with others, and to collaborate with these partners to make sure that an initiative being rolled out adds value to both sides. Which Standards to use (VICS, UCS, EDIFACT, straight X12, etc.). Which transactions (Is an order an 850 or an 875 or an EDIFACT ORDRS)? And being consistent with the use of tags, nodes, Segments, elements etc for your industry. These are all extremely important to the success of a electronic trading partner relationship.

Marlow's EDI Done Right

Marlow Atticus writes about the right way to use EDI and transactions in the supply chain. His 20 years' experience shows up in his frank commentary about how companies are using (and some times misusing) the transactions that drive the supply chain.

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