Bigger is Not Always Better – Exploring EDI Solutions

big contractRecently I've had opportunity to converse with suppliers who have won contracts with large organizations….refreshing to see.  Maybe our economy is continuing to turn for the better - that's only my own opinion as my expertise isn’t in our economy.  But like everyone else, I can have hope!

Recommended Next Actions for OpenText

Broken-ChainAs OpenText acquires GXS there are some opportunities available to the now combined company to pursue its mission. We reported a couple weeks ago about the acquisition (here).

Givers/Takers – Winners/Losers

give-and-takeEver hear about how people are described as givers or takers? Givers give without strings. Esteem for givers rises over time. Takers expect more than they give. Eventually, times catches up to the takers. The same applies to businesses. The world of EDI is plagued with a taker.

Supply Chain Intelligence: Using Your Visibility

intelWe know that supply chain visibility is a requirement for any company competing in today's global marketplace. You must be able to see something if you want to manage it. It is the key to Supply Chain Management. We have talked about the Supply Chain Control Tower and who sits in the tower, now we are going to talk about what should be going on in the Supply Chain Control Tower and what it can do for you.

Fearless Predictions for 2014

crystal ball 0It’s that time of year. Industry experts, high level consultants, research institutions, and famous pundits make predictions about the upcoming year, while conveniently failing to mention how their predictions from last year turned out. Hey, why can't I take a shot at that?

Our Best Articles of 2013

best of 2013One thing about working in supply chain, EDI, or electronic commerce: it’s always interesting. 2013 is nearly ‘in the books’ and it was no exception. Luckily for you, the writing staff produced a bumper crop of great articles on a plethora of topics, ranging from the impact of omnichannel retail to ‘big data’ to new efforts to implement supply chain control towers.  We wrote primarily about supply chain and EDI, but we also covered general management, trends, training, and other relevant subjects.

Analyzing and Reporting

analytics resultsA while back, in December, 2010, we covered How Business Analytics is Being Delivered in the EDI World. Lot of water over the dam since then, so let's take a look! Business intelligence / analytics coupled with data aggregation are not new terms. They have depended directly on the business system (like SAP) hence indirectly on the EDI system. They go back before EDI: a lot of them were once called “Decision Support Systems.”

Causes of Supply Chain Disruption

disruptionRecently we wrote about “Supply Chain Management and Logistics Risk”. While we did not get specific as to which risks are “bigger”, we did cover a lot, even pirate ships. Now, Zurich Insurance Group, through the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) has done a survey and gotten specific about causes of supply chain disruption. The top three: IT, weather events and outsourcing failures.

Keeping “E” Code Fresh – The Art of Reinventing

hamburger-stackedSeems we have fast food chains that have been around forever. At least it seems that way to me in the fifty years I have been on this planet. I grew up with McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, to name a few. With so many one time successful store chains that have made grand appearances just to disappear, it is amazing how these organizations have survived the ups and downs of our economy.

SCM Financial Analysis

blogrollLet's put ourselves in the position of a financial analyst for your company's Supply Chain Management division. You will have a diversity of functions in your area of responsibility: CRM, EDI, Logistics, Procurement and others. Your challenge is to communicate effectively with a variety of individuals on the staff. Don't go over their heads with number-packed reports. Know the staff. They are "action" people. Bet you find they like words and graphs better. Use their language. Remember, your not in the hallowed halls of finance; you are out where the money is made (or lost).

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