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From the Top - Jim Frome of SPS Commerce [video]

Jim Frome, EVP/Chief Strategy Officer of SPS Commerce spoke with us at this year's U Connect Conference, about the recent series of corporate and financial events, and in particular about SPS Commerce's IPO.

Mark Shapiro of Gladson and GS1/US Certification [Video]

Mark Shapiro talks with Scott Koegler at U Connect 2010 about Gladson's recent GS1/US certification as the first  Data Quality Solution Partner, and what the certification means to Gladson, its customers, and trading partners in general.


Keeping SaaS Safe [video]

chrisengI spoke with Chris Eng of Vericode at the recent SaaSCon event. Chris explains how Vericode's own SaaS based system is used to test applications, and how important it is to work with internal and external applications on a continuing basis, to assure the security of your environment. View the video interview.

Jeffrey Kaplan Discusses EDI and SaaS (Video)

Jeffrey Kaplan of ThinkStrategies talked with Scott Koegler at SaaSCon about the migration of EDI services to SaaS environments. Kaplan discusses issues that organizations considering implementing a SaaS or Cloud based system should consider.

DMA's Bob Sala - Trading Enablement in SaaS

bobsalaAt April's SaaSCon, I had the opportunity to talk with DMA's CEO, Bob Sala about how DMA created their applications as SaaS based systems right from the begining.

5 Questions to Ask Your Prospective SaaS Provider (video)

Scott Koegler, editor of talks with Liz Herbert, Senior Analyst for Forrester, about asking the right questions of a SaaS provider to make your migration to SaaS, the right one. In my conversation with Liz Herbert, of Forrester Research, Liz talks about the things that can be so right, and the things that can go wrong when making a commitment to implement a SaaS based solution. Whether you're considering a SaaS based solution for your EDI operations, or any other aspects of your business, these principals apply.

From the Top - CargoSmart

This From the Top interview is with CargoSmart's Joe O'Brien Joe O’Brien, managing director of CargoSmart North America.


On the Line - Ann Arena

ec-bp interview with Ann Arena, Director of Merchandise Management Systems for Spencer Gifts

From the Top - GXS

This week I spoke with GXS Senior Vice President of Marketing, Bobby Patrick about the state of the industry, and what GXS is working on.

From the Top - Sam Mikhail - ACOM

This From the Top interview is with Sam Mikhail, Vice President of Sales with ACOM

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