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From the Top - TIE Commerce

Last week I spoke with TIE Commerce's CEO, Dick Raman. Dick, a well-known industry expert, has over 20 years experience designing and building electronic commerce solutions.

From the Top - Owens Direct

Last week I interviewed Rob Guerriere, partner of Owens Direct. Rob has been involved in the EDI industry for several years and is a founding member of As a provider of outsourced EDI services, Owens Direct delivers Internet-based EDI connectivity along with full customer support and services.

From the Top - EXTOL

Last week I interviewed Anthony (Tony) Baran, co-founder, chairman, and CEO, and Dennis Bonagura, President and COO, both of EXTOL. Here is the transcript of our conversation.

From the Top: GS1US

Last week I spoke with Bernie Hogan, senior vice president and chief technology office for GS1US, and Steven Rosenberg, the company's director of e-Commerce. GS1US has gone through some significant changes in its structure in the last year and is positioned as one of the EDI industry's driving forces. As a side note, be sure to visit the U Connect Web Site and sign up for this year's U Connect Conference.

From the Top - SPS Commerce

Here's an interview with SPS Commerce  CEO and President Archie Black.

From the Top - EasyLink

This From the Top interview is with Thomas Stallings, CEO of EasyLink Services.

From the Top: nuBridges

This week I spoke with Tycho Howle, Chairman and CEO of nuBridges, a provider of EDI services based in Atlanta, Ga. Howle was behind industry leading Harbinger, an Internet-bubble era company that went public in 1995, and eventually had 40,000 customers and 1,000 employees

From the Top - Agile Network

Last week I spoke with Joel Leetzow, a Practice Partner of Agile Network,  a company on the forefront of extending the reach of EDI into the realm of logistics and supply chain visibility. Visibility is one of the hot topics on the agendas of many VANs. If you aren't already familiar with the concept, it provides much more highly detailed information about the status and contents of orders as they progress through the order /shipping / delivery / receipt process. Typical EDI transactions are manually generated and only provide limited details that include the order, shipping notification and invoicing. What's missing is the conjoining of order data with carrier tracking and shipment data (in transit status).

From the Top - Ontuet

Earlier this week I spoke with John Jackovin, CEO of Ontuet, ( a provider of data synchronization tools. Ontuet's tools address the needs of companies of varying sizes with a combination of tools that range from basic Excel spreadsheets for data collection and manual editing, to SaaS hosted applications with automated integration to backend processes.

From the Top: LANSA

Last week I spoke with Eden Watt, LANSA's Vice President of Professional Services. LANSA ( is a software tool provider involved in many software installations in companies that handle EDI as integral parts of their business. The company provides not only software integration tools, but professional services to implement the tools.

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