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From the Top: Direct EDI

Last week I spoke with Michael Davidovich, CEO of Direct EDI (, a provider of Internet-based EDI services.

From the Top: Covalent Works

Last week I spoke with Steve Brewer, who been president of CovalentWorks for the last 6 years. Prior to that, he held sales and marketing leadership positions at EDS and Business Systems Inc.

From-the-Top - Inovis

Sean Feeney, President and CEO of Inovis provided this From-the-Top perspective on his company.

From the Top - RedTail Solutions, Inc.

Last week I spoke with Patricia Meisner, CEO RedTail Solutions, Inc.  RedTail Solutions is an EDI software and services solution provider using a SaaS model to deliver its products.

From the Top - Seeburger

This week's From the Top interview is with Scott Lewin, President and CEO of Seeburger.

From the Top - Boomi

This From the Top interview is with Rick Nucci, CTO and Co-Founder of Boomi.

Converting a Customer Base - TIE Commerce

This week I spoke with Dick Raman, CEO of TIE Commerce, a long time player in the EDI arena.

From the Top - API Outsourcing

Last week I spoke with Gary Halleen, CEO of API Outsourcing, a company that provides processing services to integrate fax and other non-EDI data forms along with EDI into a common format for processing using automated workflow.

From the Top - Glenn Grube - ModusLink Global Solutions

This From the Top interview is with Glenn Grube, Golbal Director of Marketing Services with ModueLink Golbal Solutions.

Interview - Bob Gleason, President & CEO - RedTail

Last week I picked up RedTail's press release talking about the increase in activity the company is seeing. I would have said that I was surprised, but if you've been following my postings here, you know that increased EDI activity is a trend we're following. Based on that press release, I called Bob Gleason, RedTail's President and CEO to get a more direct understanding of his position.

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