On the Line

On the Line - Debbie Irwin

Debbie IrwinScott Koegler of ec-bp.com talks with Debbie Irwin of Land-O-Lakes about her quest to find tools to manage data about the company's products.




On the Line - Sue Abrams

Sue AbramsScott Koegler, editor of ec-bp.com talks with Sue Abrams about her quest to find tools to manage the transition of data between her ERP and GDSN repository.




Christina Robinson - Mastercraft Manufacturing

Christina Robinson of Mastercraft Manufacturing talks with Scott Koegler at the 2011 U Connect conference.



On the Line - Jill Koenig - Barber Foods

JillKoenigJill Koenig discusses EDI and Supply Chain issues with Scott Koegler at U Connect 2011.




On the Line - Becky James of McLane Company

beckyjamesBecky James of McLane Company talks at U Connect 2011 about her work implementing GDSN.





On the Line Judy Larington - Navajo Manufacturing [video]

Judy_LaringtonJudy Larington of Navajo Manufacturing talks with Scott Koegler at U Connect 2011 about getting started in EDI.

On the Line - Charlie Gardella - Lifetime Brands

Charlie Gardella, EDI and SAP Development Manager for Lifetime Brands talks about keeping information flowing and the enterprise coordinated when using EDI as the central messaging platform for the entire company.

On the Line - Gene Woo - Bugaboo America (video)

Gene Woo talks about implementing a new EDI system, coordinating with the company's corporate headquarters, and generally starting from scratch. The most important aspect of getting the project done? Face to face contact.


On the Line - Chelle Wright - Helen of Troy

This On the Line interview is with Chelle Wright, director of vendor compliance for Helen of Troy. She's been able to reduce the company's chargebacks from a previous rate of $12 million to the current rate of $2 million. Nice work.

On the Line - Stephanie Perry - AT&T

Stephanie Perry of AT&T talks at U Connect 2010 about EDI and how AT&T uses the technology.



On the Line

On the Line contains a series of interviews with the people who do the work of maintaining the supply chain, its transactions, and the processes that go into getting products from the manufacturer to the consumer. You will find video interviews, audio conversations, and written articles featuring the staff that gets the processes done.

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