On the Line

How is EDI Working, Robert Sammuli?

Scott Koegler talks with Robert Sammuli, EDI Coordinator with Foster Farms, at UConnect 2008, about the present and future of EDI.

How is EDI Working, Susie Pattie?

Scott Koegler talks with Susie Pattie, EDI Administrator with Apparel Source, about how EDI is working in her company.

How is EDI Working, Denise Tate?

Scott Koegler talks with Denise Tate, EDI Administrator with Houston Harvest, about how EDI is working in her company.

How is EDI working, Kathryn Shackelford?

Scott Koegler talks with Kathryn Shackelford, of Hallmark Cards, about how EDI is working in her company.

How is EDI working, Julia Aggas?

Scott Koegler talks with Julia Aggas, of Premium Waters, about how EDI is working in her company.

Smaller UPCs?

Last week we received a request from Diane Simpson, Manager of eCommerce for Campbell Soup, for information on benchmarking. Benchmarking practices is something we've worked on before, but this one is different from any of our earlier requests. Maybe you can help.

From LinkedIn

One of the original posts I made to the LinkedIn ec-bp.org group asked about changes in the business of EDI. More specifically, I asked if the EDI world really was as stodgy as it seemed.

On the Line - Jennifer Thompson

ec-bp interview with Jennifer Thompson, EDI Specialist for Duda & Sons

On the LIne - Rebecca Adams

ec-bp.org interview with Rebecca Adams, EDI Coordinator with Musco Family Olives.
Rebecca is the winner of our drawing for the iPod Touch.

On the Line - Greg Zwanziger

ec-bp.org interviews Greg Zwanziger, Director of Supervalu.

On the Line

On the Line contains a series of interviews with the people who do the work of maintaining the supply chain, its transactions, and the processes that go into getting products from the manufacturer to the consumer. You will find video interviews, audio conversations, and written articles featuring the staff that gets the processes done.

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