What do SCM Leaders do in a Crisis?

SUPPLY-CHAIN-FTIt all boils down to: (1) Being familiar with emergency procedures; (2) Having VISIBILITY of the supply chain; and (3) finding the right people, provide continuous training and allow them to learn and develop by rotating their roles in the supply chain.

Slave Labor Plays Prominent Role In Worldwide Supply Chain

Human RightsAccording to Verite, a think tank whose mission is promoting the ethical treatment of laborers worldwide, at least one in three foreign workers who responded to their recently released survey on slave labor in the Malaysian electronics market toils in conditions of forced labor.

Utility In Dubai Says Goodbye To Paper Statements

dubaiIf you happen to be a customer of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa), be prepared to receive one less bill in the mail. That means starting at the end the second quarter of 2015, customers will be sent electronic statements for their electricity and power bills.

SCM Personnel: Hardest Jobs To Fill

pipeline planningOur recent article on Opportunities in Your Supply Chain listed “Developing Supply Chain Talent” as a major opportunity. An article by Laura Cecere included a very interesting research study on “Ease or Difficulty of Filling Supply Chain Positions”. Outside of the managerial ranks (always hardest anyway), the most difficult are: Demand Planner; Network Planning Analyst; Supply Planner. Yes, it represents “traditional SCM” (EDI and Control Towers are not in the study).

Updates on e-invoicing in Mexico

Mexico-map 1Mandating electronic invoicing has proven a financial boon to the government of Mexico. That’s because for every peso Mexico’s tax administration SAT has invested in auditing, it recovered 61.1 pesos, or $4.65 US. In the first half of 2014, Mexican authorities collected 78.8bn pesos, up 34.2 percent year-on-year.

Opportunities In Your Supply Chain

multitoolRecently Scott Koegler published an article on “Fixing Your Supply Chain” in which he quoted the “Top Five Opportunities In Your Supply Chain” per OPS Rules Management Consultants. He then “threw down the gauntlet” for others to list their own Top 5, and see if these match. I am accepting the challenge!

Courier Performance

Speed-and-PerformanceCourier Services refers to postal and courier activities, such as pickup, transport and delivery of letters and parcels under various arrangements. Local delivery and messenger services are also included. Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) in postal and courier services measure the efficiency in operations and customer satisfaction with delivery.

Number Of European E-Invoices Skyrocketed In 2013

mini-eu-mapAccording to a recently released survey conducted by the European E-invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA), 840 million electronic invoices were processed and delivered to invoice receivers in 2013. That number signifies an increase of 19 percent from figures from the year 2012, when 706 million e-invoices were processed and delivered.

8 Things To Remember When Starting with EDI

checklistOh my goodness! I'm faced with choosing an EDI solution! Where do I turn? I just don't know any of these companies. It is often a daunting task for many businesses, especially those who have little or no experience with EDI. Many companies become familiar with the technology only after being informed by a major trading partner of the need to be EDI compliant. Here are a few key points to consider when choosing an EDI solution:

Moldova Joining The E-Invoicing Revolution

moldova-mapThe Republic of Moldova, located in the central part of Europe in the northeastern Balkans, recently mandated the implementation of electronic invoicing in that nation as of September 1, 2014.  Lurie Leanca, The Republic’s Prime Minister, has instructed the Republic’s State Tax Inspectorate (STI) to connect 150 public institutions to an automated electronic invoicing system by that date.

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